Saturday, July 31, 2010

let me introduce you

I wouldn't really leave you with just a first post and no picture. B-O-R-I-N-G, right? I think so. These beautiful ladies have grown up with me through the thick and thin. We'll always be the best of friends.

From left to right:

shirley: this is my gram, Shirley Page. And she is the cutest lady you'll ever meet. She is a perfect seamstress, always has something witty to say or a funny noise to make, and I love her to pieces. More than a grandma, she is my little friend and I miss her like crazy when she goes to her second (and least favorite) home in Vermont.

gretch: my mom is next, and boy am I lucky to have her. She is always supportive and makes sure to add "RN" to the end of any name someone calls me. She can revive any garden plant and is always thinking of nice things to do for others. She also wakes up early with me every time I go to the hospital to make me breakfast or scrape off my car. Am I spoiled or what?!

jenny: my older, and only, sister always gives me the best advice. And she is the one who pushed me to do this blog. She makes mouth watering caramels, can complete any sewing project, and she just gave birth to baby g. He is a total cutie, so she is also talented when it comes to baby making!

carol: she was there for each of my childhood tantrums and remembers every one of them in detail (thanks Carol! the laughs are great now!) She also sends me awesome text messages like "sure 'preciate cha". Carol is the best therapist around and can soothe any situation thrown at her.

beth: is one of my very best friends. We have so many hilarious moments together and we create more on a continual basis. There is never a shortage of giggles when the two of us are together. We have a unique talent to pick up on the same things at the same moment, and this makes for lots of laughs when everyone else seems to be oblivious. Beth and I have taken up sewing this summer and are having so much fun making mistakes together.

me: that's me on the far right. I know it looks like our family was recently blessed with two babies, but sadly, I have never been preggers in my life. I think I just ate a few too many orange rolls on this day. Whoops!

and it's a go!

I finally joined the blogging club! I have been a faithful reader of hundreds a few blogs over the years, and now it's my turn to join the ranks. I really hope to capture the hilarious moments, highlight my awesome retro finds (I frequent the DI weekly), and have a general space to document everyday life. Welcome! And I might add that I am very technologically un-savvy and have no idea what in the heck I'm doing. So, if things look a little wonky, I'm still learning. Feel free to send your kindergartener my way. They will probably be able to troubleshoot better than me.