Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i love john mayer

Beth took me to Owl City & John Mayer for my birthday. It was the best present ever. I have been counting down the days with huge anticipation.

The concert was SO good. I hadn't heard many of Owl City's songs, but they were very fun to listen to and I will have to download more of their music.

We even had seats. It was a nice change from the lawn! Thanks for the great tickets, Beth!

We bought local and devoured this yummy kettle corn.

And the best part of the night - my favorite - John Mayer.

Oh my heavens, I love him.

This was the third or fourth time I've seen him in concert and I have yet to be disappointed. He is the best. Amazing voice. Amazing guitarist. Amazing everything.

And the fact that he's total eye candy (not so much while singing) doesn't hurt either.

He's a great entertainer, easily connects with the audience, and has some funny (sometimes yucky) jokes.

I love him. Beth and I kept saying, "how can someone be born with such a good voice?" And really I don't know how, but John Mayer is one lucky man to have such musical talents.

Of course the amusement of the night was heightened by people watching. What would a concert be without hilarious and awkward dance moves, people who were a tad tipsy, enthusiasts using binoculars, and everything in between.

Beth and I had great conversations and lots of fun, as usual. Thanks a million, Beth!

And John Mayer, please come back soon.

Monday, August 30, 2010

vermont, part two - pyrex edition

When I was in Vermont, I went to Pyrex heaven.


My aunt has a good friend who collects Pyrex and other retro glassware/kitchen items. I had been hearing about the collection for some time and my aunt arranged for us to stop over.

Oh my goodness, I fell in love.

Her collection is incredible and she was nice enough to let me snap pictures of it, so I'll take you on a tour.

This cabinet has some Pyrex, amazing vintage colored glasses, and tons of kitchen knick knacks, like the Aunt Jemima syrup dispenser on the top shelf.

More Pyrex and vintage glasses.

Pyrex primary colored bowls and retro jars.

I loved this cabinet! I think the retro salt & pepper & flour shakers are so fun. I also have never seen striped Pyrex bowls like the pink and blue on the middle shelf.

Look how cheery all the pink is. Every piece is in pristine condition.

And finally, old Pyrex magazine ads. How great! I'm on the hunt for these now.

I had the best time looking at all the Pyrex. The owner remarked that most people think she's crazy for having such a collection, so she enjoyed showing it to someone who has a love for it too. Boy howdy, how couldn't you love it! It took all I had in me to not ask to be a part of this Pyrex inheritance.

I asked where she collected most of it from. Lots came from eBay and antique stores around Vermont. One of which happened to be two minutes from my cousin's house. The owner keeps odd hours but I got her telephone number and she opened the store just for us.

Again I say, Pyrex heaven.

It was one of the happiest stores I've been in. So much to choose from and such good prices. This garage was full to the brim with lots of Pyrex and other retro things. If I could have transported the entire structure to SLC, I would have.

The above picture is totally cheesy. My uncle took it and said, "say Pyrex". But it gives you a good look at everything in this part of the store.

I made some purchases and wrapped them carefully in bubble wrap & tissue paper. This Pyrex cargo became my carry-on and made it all the way home from Vermont safe and sound. I'll post pictures of it later on.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

vermont, part one

I went to Vermont this past week with my mom and we had such a great time. We flew out together and came home separately so she could stay a bit longer and I could go back to work. So not to worry, there will be even more pictures to post when I have her camera.

We went out to surprise my gram, Shirley. And surprised she was! She sort of caught onto the fact that all her kids would be coming, but she had no idea I would be there too (I told her I was the only worthwhile surprise - jk). My aunt and uncle run an inn & restaurant right on Lake Champlain, so my mom and I sat down at a table in the restaurant and waited for Shirley to come in for dinner. She was so happy when it dawned on her we were there!

Unfortunately, this cute lady and arthritis are not the best of friends. Needless to say, she is in lots of pain and is half bionic with all the surgeries she's had. As a result, she hasn't been able to drive for the past four years, which is nice for me because I get to be her personal chauffeur and spend lots of time with her.

But let me tell you, when my gram is in Vermont and not living with us, she has her own golf cart to get around the property with. And boy, can she put the pedal to the metal! She would zoom all around and I sat next to her giggling away. What a treat to be her passenger!

(Gram hates cameras so in the above picture, she was pushing the gas with all her might while I was simultaneously holding down the brake. I'm glad we got a picture of her "Grandma" golf cart though!)

We went back to the house and gram showed me her latest sewing projects. She has made a bunch of baby quilts for future grandkids. I claimed this quilt top as my own. I love the yellow in this for my yellow-loving gram!

The next day was her birthday, and her present was a hit. She loved it.

The pillow found its new home on Shirley's bed. My gram is a total Green Bay Packers fan. Look at the helmet on her teddy bear - so hilarious.

My mom and I swam in Lake Champlain at 6:30 in the morning one day. It was SO frigid. I usually handle cold temperatures with ease, but the freezing water took my breath away and I had to use my inhaler after. But we had a lot of fun and I was reminded of all the times I swam in this lake before. (We've been going to Vermont to visit our family ever since I was really young).

We went to an apple orchard.

I so badly wanted to pick apples from the trees, but they weren't quite ripe yet. I think apple orchards are the prettiest of places. In this pic is my Tennessee uncle, Hazen. He is always goofing off (note the sour apple on his head) and I usually joke around with him speaking in a southern accent.

Ben & Jerry's is my favorite ice cream, which is lucky since the factory is in Vermont. We used to go all the time as kids, but I haven't been in a decade. We planned on making a stop, but our days were just so jam-packed, that the factory didn't make the cut.

There is this small shack on the Lake Champlain islands so we got ice cream from there. This is the same place that a seagull so lovingly plucked the ice cream off my cone as a little girl and made me cry. There were no tears this time around!

Gram and I spent an entire day together going into Burlington. We started out with a doctor's visit. She was so funny telling a whole bunch of stories to the doctor and his resident (I was super impressed that they spent more than 10 seconds with us). She ended the visit by telling the doctor that he picked a good quality shirt because the stripes on his sleeves and the body of the shirt were lined up. Only something a great seamstress like her would notice!

We then went to two fabric stores. Shopping for fabric is her absolute favorite, and I sure love it, too.

We stopped at antique stores and had her hair permed. This is a wishing well I saw at one of the stores. I thought it was so cool. If only I had a place to put it, I have about ten wishes I'd like to cast at the moment.

Hazen and I went kayaking on the lake. I've never been before, but I have to say that I mostly kept up with him, despite our difference in height. I'm vertically challenged next to him, but my jokes and southern accent abilities compensate for it.

Here are some pictures of the property:

Adirondack chairs are a staple there.

Now this little place below is a secret I discovered. It's a little gazebo that's secluded in the corner of the property. How in the heck I have never seen it in the 20 years I've been going to Vermont is beyond me.

Oh my, is it wonderful, though. And look at the killer view! I think it's a prime spot for a proposal or a smooch with a cute boy. Maybe one day I will go back and put it to good use.

I was also spoiled rotten with yummy food. We ate breakfast and dinner at the restaurant every day. My uncle is the bartender, and since I don't drink beer or alcohol, he always makes me a shirley temple. When I was a little girl, I would wear a fancy dress and sit on a bar stool while he made me one. I didn't think life could get any better then, and I still get just as excited now at the age of 23.

He really made me laugh too, because the first night I only got three cherries in my drink, and as the nights went on, the cherries increased. My last shirley temple had five. Like I said - spoiled!

Here is the most gorgeous full moon I have ever seen. This picture displays about 1/8 of how beautiful it really was. Staring at the moon reflecting on the lake with people I love. It just doesn't get much better than that.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

thrifty thursday

This week I'll feature some of my Pyrex. I really love these three pieces. They remind me of quilt blocks.
I found each one at separate DIs, but they all share a common pattern. The top came from Sugarhouse, the middle from downtown, and the bottom from Provo.

Call me crazy, but I can honestly recall where most of my pieces made their way into my stash.

I just love Pyrex. Have I mentioned that before?

I'm like a kid in a candy store every time I come across a new dish, whether the design is awesome or unsightly.

Totally pleased as punch.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

you've got a friend in me

Last week I bid farewell to one of my best friends from Nursing school. She left for an LDS mission to Ecuador where she will serve as the mission nurse. I am going to miss her a bunch, but she will do such an awesome job in her new calling.

I made so many outstanding friends during my two years at the College of Nursing. The stories of how I met each one are all unique. Maybe one day I will write about them individually here. One thing I know for sure is that it wasn't just happenstance that our paths crossed. That's a definite feeling.

It always happened at just the moment I needed it to. The dots were perfectly connected and we all helped each other get through school.

Here we are as newbies just starting out.

This is me and Nicole. We met in assessment lab because I overheard her talking about how she had a U pass to park up at school. I had no idea where the correct U lot was, so I asked to follow her to it after class and she showed me the way. We were instant friends and we made the trek to and from the parking lot together a million times after that.

Three of my greatest friends: Wrandi, Nicole, and Jerica.

At a farewell/happy birthday facial courtesy of Wrandi. Thanks!

The day before Sister Rodgers reported to the MTC. See you in 18 short months!

To learn more about the church I belong to, click here.

Monday, August 23, 2010

my heart is bleeding red

I'm feeling pretty sentimental today.

It's the first time in 18 years that I won't be going back to school.

No new first day of school outfit, no picture on the porch, no lugging heavy books around or stopping at the campus bookstore.

It's a really strange feeling. I'm somewhat relieved and somewhat sad all mixed into one.

And probably the very worst part of it all is that I don't have season tickets to the Utah football games. I cringe typing those words! I am such a beloved fan.

No more school means no more MUSS membership (MUSS is the Mighty Utah Student Section = cheap tickets).

What on earth will I ever do? Hopefully I can get tickets to a few of the games, and most importantly the BYU-Utah game. I'd give up a Pyrex bowl to go to that.

I hope that all of my friends and everyone who is going back has a great first day of school today!

If you ever need a stay-up-late study buddy, treats during stressful times, or a really loud football fan, give me a call.

I'm good at all three.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

happy birthday, gram

You know what I'm over the moon about right now?

fun presents + something handmade + flying to vermont today to surprise my favorite person.

My gram is turning 85 on Sunday and I'm going to see her with my mom. She has no idea we're coming.

I really tried to think carefully about what I wanted to get her since it's a big year and I'm hardly ever with her on the actual day of her birth. (She lives with us half the year and in VT half the year - including August, her birthday month).

So let me show you:

1) a retro Fire King (similar to Pyrex) sunflower bowl (her favorite flower) to put all her sewing odds & ends in.
2) a vintage reproduction hexagon floral print fat quarter.
3) fresh saltwater taffy from the Taffy Station at Trolley Square.

Here's a closer look at the sunflowers. I was thrilled when I found this pattern.

And a project that started out as these yo yos...

and turned into this pillow!

My gram jump-started my interest in sewing and I wanted to make her something special. This pillow was made with a lot of love. I spent many hours choosing my gram's favorite yellow prints, making the yo yos, and piecing them all together.

I love, love, love how it turned out!

Sure love you, gram! I can't wait to see you later today!

I also have to thank my very nice uncle for giving me a Skymiles ticket. He flew my gram back to VT in June and stayed with us for a few days before taking her. I cried & cried before she left. She is honestly my little friend and such a HUGE part of my life. I always have a hard time when she has to go.

I kept telling my uncle that "one month would be terrible, but six months without seeing her was impossible". After letting me cry a few times over, he said that he would be happy to let me use one of his tickets and we (all my gram's kids plus me) could go surprise her in August.

It will truly be a happy birthday weekend, indeed!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

thrifty thursday

I am going to start a new tradition here on the blog.

I will dedicate a post each week to all things retro.

Thursdays shall now be known as:

thrifty thursday!

Be sure to come back each week to see the latest and greatest in thrifting.

To start us off -

I found the most amazing desk today. I have encountered these in the past and the condition was always so deplorable that I knew it was too far gone to be saved and so I passed.

But not today.

I found this for $20 and I knew it had to be mine. I fell in love the minute I saw it. Eventually it will be painted a fun red or turquoise (don't mind the current dust).

I love thinking about the history this desk has been through. Who sat in it? (Probably obedient kids because there wasn't a trace of gum on the bottom or obscenities etched on the desk top). What school did it belong to? How many "ah ha" moments were had in its little seat? Did anyone else ever notice the greatness and beauty behind its lines and shape?

I can't wait to have this in my future house. Oh my goodness, I just can't wait!

And I can't go without mentioning that this retro lovely made it to my car in the middle of the monsoon today. By the time I made it out to the parking lot and drove off, the desk, my car interior, and my clothes from the inside out were entirely drenched.

But was it worth it?


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

wonderful wednesday

Today was super duper busy, but loads of fun.

It started out with sleeping in. I haven't been able to sleep in really all summer, so this was the best present I could give myself, especially since I have fallen asleep on the couch the past two nights in a row.

Next I went to babysit g baby. I was a lucky duck because I was the first person to be able to watch him with his mom away. Granted we were still in the same building as her, but g baby sure loved his adventure with aunt Julia! He was such a cutie pie the whole time!

Here we are in the locker room. I have magical abilities because g baby has a bowel movement every time I hold him. I'm not joking. The boy poops within the first 10 minutes of being in my arms!

Sure enough, it happened again today. There were no changing tables around, so we made the bench work. g baby and I were pretty proud after. We made a great diaper changing team!

I bought an iPhone today. I am LOVING it!

The day's grand finale included a date out with my favorite kiddos in the entire world. I have been tending them for almost half my life. I started when I was 12 and now their oldest is almost 15 - three years older than I was when I first began watching them. How does time fly so fast?!

One thing I love about being with them is that the three youngest call me Juju. It all started when the middle child wasn't able to pronounce Julia and coined the new name. Then when the last two kids came along, they thought my real name was Juju. It melts my heart when I hear them call me Juju (which happens a trillion times an hour). Now we have a pact that in order to call me by my real name, they have to be 25.

Good thing I still have over a decade to be called Juju. I don't think I can handle the change!

They are the little siblings I never had and I'm their "older sister" or "mom" when I watch them for days at a time if their parents are out of town. This new phase with them is truly hilarious. From older elementary school years to going through puberty - we are always laughing, cracking jokes, and having so much fun together.

Since we're outnumbered, the two girls always have to stick together!

We stopped for treats at Dan's after dinner. I totally know how my mom felt trying to get us to cooperate in pictures when we were younger. It is no easy task! But they are such posers. I love them to pieces!

Now I am off to bed. I am feeling totally sick with allergies and a headache.

This day has come full circle: starting out with sleeping and ending in the same place.