Thursday, June 23, 2011

thrifty thursday - thank you!

I didn't go to the thrift store this week (shocking!), but I did receive a really nice gift from a great friend.

How awesome are these Pyrex flasks?? The big one is 6000 ml (25 cups) and it is huge! And so cool! This picture doesn't really show you just what a statement it is. The little one is 25 ml, tiny and cute.

I love them, Cora! Thank you so much!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

di loot

Sorry I have been so bad about posting. I was super excited to blog last year, but as time goes on, the appeal seems to wear off more & more. I can't promise I'll be better, but I will update from time to time!

Remember how I had so much fun at the grand opening of the Sugarhouse DI?

Well, I thought I would show you all my loot.

I had my way with the shoe section.

We'll start on the left with the cutest little OshKosh sneakers! $1.

Next up is a pair of brand new tap shoes! $2.

Moving on to the ruby red Dorothy slippers! $3

Super cute & brand new Nine West shoes for me! $6.

Fun and retro-esque t-straps! $4.

(Yes, I continue to buy things for my future kids. Oops!)

Two bright and fun Fisher Price toys! The shape sorter was $1 and the ring tower was 50¢!

An old sugar container for $1 and a Tupperware container for $1!

Finally, we'll round it off with a set of orange Tupperware measuring spoons at 50¢ and three Pyrex dishes at $3 each!

The Pyrex was a true prize because it took me about twenty minutes to find a parking spot. I was sweating bullets driving around the parking lot because I was getting so stressed to see people exiting with gobs of treasures! I just wanted to get in the store and start searching. I got to the Pyrex/Tupperware aisle first and I saw a lady carrying all three of the above Pyrex dishes. I was so crushed because she got to all the good stuff first. Lucky for me, the lines to check out were so long and I had a feeling to go back and look for the Pyrex one last time. I turned the corner, and there were all three pieces waiting for me!

If only I had such luck with other things in life!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

thrifty thursday - amazing

I had the most marvelous day at the DI today.

It really couldn't have been any more perfect. It was so unbelievable.

This picture will give you a little tease:

Sugarhouse DI grand opening. Oh yeah, baby!!

There was a young boy behind me who kept telling his grandma that the line was taking forever (it really was, I waited probably around 40 min. to check out). I turned to him and said, "this is a once in a lifetime experience, you are super lucky your grandma brought you here".

I think he thought I was nuts.

Pictures to come of all my treasures.......

Thursday, June 2, 2011

thrifty thursday

More Tupperware this week!

We had the red plates when I was little and I remember eating Ritz crackers topped with cottage cheese & Mrs. Dash off them all the time! (it may sound gross, but that triple combination is so yummy!)

My mom surprised me with the two aqua plates. Love them!

You can never go wrong with aqua & red together. Divine.