Thursday, September 30, 2010

thrifty thursday

I love going down the craft aisle at the DI. One of my favorite things to pick up is ribbon. You can find it for so cheap! The most I ever paid for a spool is $1, but usually they are priced at 50¢. Bingo!

The stack on the left is all fabric ribbon. There's nothing I love more than a package wrapped in brown paper & baker's twine or fabric ribbon. So classic!

And usually the ribbon has never been used. All these spools are nearly full. It's almost a crime to get so much product for next to nothing. Check out the ribbon next time you go thrifting!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a patriotic failure

These shoes are a doozy and a half!

I couldn't help but chuckle as I walked past them at the DI. Aren't they awesome?! Ha ha, if they weren't seven sizes too big, I maybe, just maybe, would have bought them.

I am all about being patriotic and celebrating America. In fact, the Fourth of July happens to be my favorite holiday. But man alive, these beauties are something else.

I'm pretty sure the previous owner and I would have been best friends. What a woman!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

i love hallmark

image via

One of my favorite things about cable TV is the Hallmark channel.

Hallmark movies are near & dear to my heart. If there's anything that can reel me in for hours on end, it's that.

There's nothing quite like watching romantic cheese with a perma smile. I love it.

I have a good collection of movies stored in our DVR. I often browse through the programming schedule for an entire week and record all those that sound good. Then we usually have our cousins over for bean dip, Diet Coke, and movie viewing.

We are never disappointed.

My cousin Annie just returned from her mission and we needed a good, clean show to watch.

So we turned to Hallmark - The Magic of Ordinary Days.

Oh my heavens, it had us hook, line & sinker from minute one. With Keri Russell and a really handsome man starring in it, you really can't go wrong.

It was such a sweet love story and left both of us wanting to marry the main character, Ray. He was the cutest, most charming, gentle, loving man. Throughout the entire movie, we kept exclaiming over and over, "I love him!"

I have been dreaming about Ray all day (sigh) and Annie texted me saying that she couldn't stop thinking about him and that we have to watch the show again.

I am not kidding when I say it's that good. It makes you tear up and will leave you happier than you've felt all week.

And it will REALLY make you want a Ray of your own. I know I do. If I marry one-fourth the man Ray's character portrays, I will be one lucky lady.

Did you know that the Hallmark stores have many of the original movies available for purchase? (what a novel idea, go figure), but I seriously did not know this little fact until last year. It makes me want to get a part-time job there so I can have a discount and watch Hallmark movies all day long.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

thrifty thursday

I was in a thrifting mood last night and went to three DIs. When my Pyrex quest turned up zip, I had to go to plan b.

Plan b, meaning school furniture. I don't know how my obsession began, but I can't get enough of retro school desks & chairs.

Just when I thought I had to bow out of the DI empty handed, I spotted this from the corner of my eye. $3 dollars later, and we were both out the door.

Some may call it puke green, I call it perfect.

It's the Virco brand. Don't you remember seeing this on the back of your chair in elementary school - or am I the only one crazy enough to remember such a thing?

It totally matches my Pyrex, so naturally that was a good reason to buy it.

My sister was over as I was snapping pictures, and she teased me about how many desks & chairs I have. I know I can almost open up my own personal classroom, just call me Miss Julia.

But really, if you had students as cute as this one, you would do the same.

And a note to my future hubby: I want Virco school chairs in red, squash & blueberry, to be exact. It would be really cute if you surprised me with them one day.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I got a phone call today from a friend who works for Margaret. She called to let me know that Ruth passed away in her sleep over the weekend. I am so glad we were able to see her last Wednesday. What a sweet lady.

Monday, September 20, 2010

the circle of life

This was me the day after I found out I passed the NCLEX (RN licensure exam). Hallelujah I passed on the first try, because it's really quite awful. You are finger printed, have photos taken of your palm veins, must rid your pockets of everything, and are filmed the entire time. You get anywhere from 75-265 questions. What an ordeal!

My mom and I were co-camp directors for our ward this year at stake YW camp. Having to be up there waiting for my results was the longest 36 hours of my life. I left camp and drove down to Salt Lake just to look up my name on the licensing website. I have to tell you, I have never been so nervous. I thought I had failed for sure.

Seeing my name listed as a Registered Nurse was awesome. What a relief! I passed! I called Granite bakery the next morning and had these American Red Cross-inspired cookies made up to bring back to the girls at camp.

That was in July and this weekend I had an experience that made me question my career as an RN. I had my first code. The circumstances were random and unpreventable, but I thought my life was over (Am I ever dramatic?). Things went as well as they could have, and the patient was just fine. It's not an experience I would wish on anyone (because it's so dang scary), but I have to say that it has made me a better nurse.

I love my job. And more than that, I love where I work. My unit is the best one in the entire hospital. I feel so lucky to have found it and I'm pretty sure I'll never leave until I become an old lady patient myself.

So how in the heck does this post tie in with my title? Well, I also went to the Lion King with Margaret this weekend. Incredible, it was! I felt about five years old, with eyes as big as saucers watching in awe of all the costumes, music & scenery. It was amazing.

And I was reminded that when life gets you feeling down in the dumps, you pick yourself up again and move forward. I believe it was Randy Pausch, the author of The Last Lecture, who said, "experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted".

How true it is.

My day at work today was wonderful. Busy, fast-paced, and perfect. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

thrifty thursday

I'm starting to add retro glasses to my list of things to be on the lookout for. I found these at the Murray DI and think they are such a steal.

I love the polka dots and I love the red & white combination.

I know this sounds crazy, but when I step foot into a DI/thrift store, I get this profound sense of move it, move it. I have the need for speed. I am always under the assumption that everyone has their eyes on the things I want and I have to get there first (that sounds really mean, I promise I'm patient).

I always push a cart (in case I don't have enough arms to carry everything!) and I have my routine down. If anyone ever wants to come thrifting with me, you are more than welcome. You just have to be quick or you may get run over by my cart!

I am totally kidding. I would never do that.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

tender mercies

I have been caring for an older lady and dear friend for 3.5 years now. She is sharp as a tack, but her body just hasn't been able to keep up with her spirit. Darn that aging!

She has a super cute neighbor that lives right across the street. She is 100.5 years old. I think including the half year is important because she has definitely earned it. I went to drop off a plant from Margaret (the woman I care for) two weeks ago at her neighbor Ruth's house. I had been over there a few times and thought she was so great.

As I chatted with her this time, it became apparent that sweet Ruth was feeling pretty down. She told me that her vision was going, her back hurt, and she was tired of feeling so shaky. My heart broke for her. Here was this cute lady, living all alone, and feeling sad.

I cried walking back across the street to Margaret's. I am such a sap. But I knew immediately that Margaret and I had to have Ruth over for a fun lunch. Margaret was on board with the idea and called Ruth back. A date was picked and that day was today.

I had a sinking feeling from the minute we picked our lunch date and had the impression it should be moved up. Margaret and I looked at her schedule and an earlier time just didn't work, so we kept the same day, invited another one of Margaret's helpers and my good friend, and decided to have Ruth over for dinner.

Margaret searched cookbooks for hours and picked a few recipes. We planned the menu, I bought some cheery fabric, made napkins & came up with favors, and things were all set. I was to drive across the street to pick up Ruth, drive back across the street to Margaret's, and then the party would begin! I can't even tell you how excited I was for this to happen.

Flash forward to yesterday. I was on my lunch break at work and checked my phone. As I listened to my voicemail, my heart dropped. Ruth was very weak and had been moved to a care facility. It was probably a good thing I was eating alone in the break room because I totally started to cry again. I felt so bad. Worried. Guilty. Disappointed. And completely bummed that I hadn't followed through better with my initial feeling.

When I was at Margaret's today, I made a few phone calls and found out where Ruth was. We decided to go visit this afternoon. And do you think we could go visit Ruth without taking treats? No way!

These cakes were originally going to be the "place cards" for the table. We took them along and off we went to the care center.

Margaret and Ruth were absolutely sweet. My heart turned to mush watching them together. They held hands and Margaret told Ruth what a great neighbor she has been and then commented on how lovely Ruth's room at the care center was. And even with all of Margaret's struggles, she offered to comb Ruth's hair and fix her blankets. Is that not the cutest?

Here we all are together. Ruth is an absolute sweetheart. She was so delicate laying there in her bed. Visiting her with Margaret and MarRissa was a special experience that is hard to put into words. Even though we had a change of plans, I am so glad we were all able to visit with each other. I witnessed many wonderful tender mercies this afternoon.

Get feeling better soon, Ruth! We want you to leave that care center and have dinner with us!

Monday, September 13, 2010

retro, retro

I had some time on my hands this afternoon and nothing to do. After paying off a parking ticket (lame! but thanks nice man who reduced the fine!), I headed on over to a local consignment shop.

It's a good thing I don't have a house right now because I'm pretty sure I could have filled it up with items from this store alone.

I think this table is the cutest. I'm pretty much a goner when it comes to anything red, so I was quite fond of this.

And these lockers, too. Again, the red! Love it. Wouldn't they look awesome in a mud room?

Bentwood cafe chairs are always a classic. I'll take one of these in every color, please.

One tiny purchase made its way home with me.

This darling fish scale Pyrex. It's art deco inspired and lovely.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

dear fall

If cooler fall weather means I get to wear cute sweaters like this

and cheer on the Utes in football,
you can count me as a fan.

Other things I'm looking forward to:

-the leaves changing & drives up the canyon
-pumpkin patches & corn mazes
-sweaters, sweaters, sweaters
-drinking hot chocolate
-getting spooked at haunted houses
-fall tv programs beginning again (glee!)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

thrifty thursday

Here are some of the gems from Pyrex heaven that left their home in Vermont and found a new residence in my collection.

The bowl on the bottom left is a pretty popular Butterprint pattern. And the snowflake dish on the bottom right was recently on Mad Men.

The top two patterns I quite like and have never seen before, so I knew I had to snatch them up.

The sunflower lid sits on top of a bright orange dish. This is in honor of my gram who loves sunflowers, so maybe I can dedicate this piece to her. If it's an excuse to buy Pyrex, I'll take it!

I sort of feel like I cheated with these acquisitions because they didn't come from the DI. However, with the recent sicko who did some terrible & disgusting things at the Sandy DI, I had to skip a week showing retro things that came from there.

How people can be so downright awful is appalling. I hope he gets life in prison.

Keep the horrible people of this world out, and keep the Pyrex in.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

completely perfect

I know I already posted once today, but I am still riding the wave of the best day ever. It was totally simple, but absolutely great. I had the day entirely off and was determined to do whatever I felt like doing and nothing that didn't sound fun.

It started out with Jamba Juice with Lauren. She just moved back home and it was so fun to catch up. Then I went to the Salt Lake Temple by myself and had a really nice time there. A stop at the DI yielded nothing, but then I came home and watched a cheesy Hallmark movie. My favorite.

I have really been making sure to do things that scare me every day. Today I signed up for an Institute class and I went alone (I know, I know, not that scary - but still). Oh my word, I LOVED it! Awesome class, wonderful teacher; I cannot wait to go back next week.

A Dan's donut and good conversation with Tara after class, and then it was on to sewing with Beth. We both had a wicked case of the giggles all night. Between eating BLTs, me making too many sewing mistakes to count, and my mom telling all her friends and us about how Michael Bolton will be on Dancing with the Stars - we were seriously laughing forever.

It was a real treat to have such a fun day right in the middle of the week!

image via

Today was definitely memorable.

g baby and the new pants

Shopping for a little guy is so much fun. I found these early Hurley pants at TJ Maxx for a killer deal. And I knew they'd be perfect for g baby. I had visions of him wearing them to church with a bow tie.

I was so excited when g baby showed up at our house on Sunday all decked out in his bow tie and these pants! Just as I imagined, but better - because this little man is so stinkin cute!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

a new perspective

I was at the DI the other day (shocking, I know) and I came across this dish. It's not Pyrex, but I couldn't pass it by because of what it said on the bottom.

Maid of honor.

Gee whiz, if that doesn't sum up how I've been feeling lately, I don't know what does. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Okay, I know that's kind of exaggerating a bit, but one thing that really bothers me is when blogs make life seem perfect. Because let's face it, life isn't.

I know that I have a lot of things going for me. I'm finished with school, I have a great job that I love, I'm moving forward with spiritual goals, I have awesome people in my life. There are so many positives, it's humbling.

But I can't lie. I have never felt more lost or lonely in my entire life.

Graduating and finishing school brought about feelings that I never anticipated. Of course it's a relief not having to stress about exams and deadlines, but it has also left me in a strange place. What do I do now? How should I spend my time? How will I meet new people? What goals can I accomplish on my own?

I have cried several times going to and leaving work at the hospital. It's really hard to drive past the U of U and see all the students beginning a new semester. I can't help but want to be one of them.

What's equally hard is not having a solid group of people to hang out with. I am so very thankful because I have been blessed with dozens of people whom I consider very good friends. The trouble is that most are in relationships, so finding time to get together is sporadic and inconsistent.

Don't get me wrong, I am so happy for all my friends. I'm over the moon for them. How awesome they have people in their lives to care so deeply for. But it's still hard to be the forever fan on the sidelines cheering for everyone.

I just have to remind myself that my life has barely begun. I am so proud of myself and all the things I have accomplished. I love the person I'm becoming and how I treat other people. I'm pleased with the way I go about my days and the choices I'm making.

But sometimes I just feel so completely alone. I know that some of my feelings are normal, but I can't let myself get stuck in a "poor me" trap. I need to be more positive. Keep the faith. Push forward with my future.

I was talking with a good friend today and she passed on some of the best advice I've heard in a long time. She said to me,

do something that scares you every day.

It was just the thing I needed to hear. I can be brave. I need to try new things. Being scared won't hurt me.

I'm so excited to incorporate this action into my days. Do something that scares me every day. And it really started today, because this post came from an honest place and this snippet of my personal feelings is now posted in a public domain. And it feels good.


Dear really cute boy on the third floor lobby at PCMC,

You were adorable playing your guitar & singing in your church clothes. I'd be lying if I said that my heart didn't skip a beat when I walked past you twice today. I think you're awesome for coming up to the hospital and giving of your time on a Sunday. I should have told you that and I didn't.

Let's just hope you're back on Tuesday when I come to work.




Thursday, September 2, 2010

thrifty thursday

This thrifty thursday feature is in honor of the first Utah football game of the season tonight.

Go Utes!

When I drove through my neighborhood tonight, I couldn't help but smile at all the cars jammed together. And I especially love the cars that sport U of U flags on the windows.

But I felt a little sad when I got home and had to watch the game on TV instead of smack dab in the stadium. I am going to have to buy some tickets. I have to be in Rice Eccles this season wearing all my U of U garb and cheering on my favorite team with everyone else. It's a must.

I found these shoes at the DI and I was so ecstatic about them. They are the first pair of vintage shoes I've purchased. Usually I find some really awesome ones, but they are always too small. Those ladies sure had teeny, tiny feet back then (mine are small at 6 1/2, but are still too big for most of the pairs I've seen).

Aren't these awesome, though? And I didn't even pay $10 for them. Too bad someone took it upon themself to write the price in a Sharpie, but I still think they are adorable shoes.
Let's go, Utah! Bring it home on this exciting game-opener night!