Friday, September 28, 2012

playing catch up

Once again I have slacked off on this little blog! It wasn't intentional - I really do want to remember all of these things. Blogging just takes so much time, and there sure always seems to be a shortage of that. This post is a major picture overload in an effort to catch up on the last month or two.

I have been trying to get back in shape, which means I've been swimming 2 miles 3-4 times/week at Steiner. I swim laps outside in the 50-meter pool which is honestly heaven. I am excited for the fall, but I really wish we could re-start August so I could enjoy more weeks of swimming outside in the sunshine. The outdoor pool closes on October 8th and I will be taking advantage of as many days at the pool as I can until then! (Also - I love that the kick boards haven't changed in the last 15 years. Pretty sure they are the same ones I used for Swim to Win growing up!)


The U of U practices on Tuesdays/Thursdays. Even though I love the Utes, they have SO much stuff! Just look at the end of the pool with all of their gear. They completely take over 5 lanes, which is a little annoying. If I could only swim as fast as them!

I am all about color when it comes to anything in my life. I have always vowed that I will never have boring paper products. The one time I can stomach going to Wal-mart is so that I can buy colorful utensils and paper plates. They are my favorite find for $1!

 I have been on the FHE committee since my ward was formed in May 2011. It is lots of work, but so much fun. A few weeks ago we had our welcome back carnival. We went all out with a catered dinner, a dunk tank/cotton candy/snow cones/popcorn machine/carnival games/face painting/balloon animals/music. It was a total blast, and a huge success! We had it at Garden Park (we are so lucky our FHEs are at this beautiful building!)

Aren't the lights magical? I was dying.

Hannah and I were in charge of decorations - my dream come true!

My first time in a dunk tank. So hilarious! I wasn't expecting to get in, but I am so glad I did.

My dad and I went to the unbelievable BYU/Utah game. I got really good tickets off KSL and we had a great time. Thank heavens the Utes won. It was a total joy watching BYU blow it not one, but three times at the end. 

Of course I wore my signature Dorothy shoes. I bought these last fall at Target in the little girls section and want them to be my trademark (can you imagine being a cute pregnant lady and wearing these? or a grandma??). I may or may not have 6 pairs, but I have to ration them. Good thing I am only on my first pair!

I have continued to LOVE the dollar bins at Target. I scored the most adorable very hungry caterpillar items for my niece and nephew.

And more wrapping paper & some super fun stamps (thank you Jenny for getting me some of these and  for telling me about the stamps!)

Of course I have been eating yummy food.

(notice the Pyrex!)

delicious peaches!

a beautiful peach pie made my by sister.

One of my favorites, the Dodo (heart sandwich!)

Banbury Cross donuts - I die every time.

I bring Margaret a treat every Wednesday night. It's been our tradition for the past 5.5 years. There was a few months when Margaret was trying to lose weight and didn't want a treat (it nearly broke my heart), but we have been back to treats for a year and Margaret LOVES it! She always gets wide-eyed when I walk in the door to see what I've brought.

I cut my hair!

Lastly, I went to Bear Lake with some awesome friends I made in the ward. We had a blast. Our warm and perfect day included floating on the lake on inflatable lounge mats and a blow up kiddie pool, fun conversations on the rocks, and of course we got raspberry shakes from La Beau's at the end!