Saturday, August 11, 2012


I was looking at my debit card history the other day - here is something kind of pathetic & awesome. Pretty much 1 in 4 of my purchases are from Target! I can't keep myself away from there! It's pretty much a pattern of go out to eat, go to Target, buy gas, go to Target, repeat, repeat, repeat. If I ever dreamed up an ideal store with the best products, good prices & most captivating commercials, it would most definitely be Target. Here are some of my favorite finds this summer:

Target sells 4-pack Mambas in the dollar bins (usually there are only 3 per pack)! Sorry this picture is flipped, but I was trying to show that for the first time in my entire life I got every single flavor in the same pack . I felt so lucky!

 Some of my most favorite wrapping paper is $1 a roll there. My mom was super jealous of these prints. I drove all over creation to four Target stores from Fort Union to Centerville one morning on a mission trying to find them for her as well. I was only able to secure two of the prints.

This is my go-to baby shower present. It's a "grass" drying rack. I think it looks so cool. Can't wait to have one of these for my own baby one day! I bought these for an upcoming shower.

I found these earlier this summer and about died - plastic fruit crates!

Here's another little gem - camera shaped appetizer plates. I fell in love with these immediately!


These fruit dish towels are another well-loved find. I bought a few to tuck away in case I need a cheer-me-up gift for someone in the future. The fruit prints make me so happy.

Other non-Target finds:

This bicycle shirt. I originally saw someone wearing this in a picture on fb. I googled for a solid hour trying to find where it came from with no success. Luckily my cousin is good friends with the girl wearing it so I texted her and she found out it was from Urban Outfitters. I drove down immediately to buy it...

and was over the moon when I found out it came in two colors. Pretty sure I will love wearing these with patterned skirts - love a little pattern on pattern.

Costco socks - who does not love these? I was really jazzed about this particular design. I always wear ankle socks to work because I get so hot running around all day. Pretty sure these make me 10x more excited to start my shifts!

Last, but certainly not least is this little gift. I worked at the hospital all day on Wednesday and then went straight to Margaret's. When I finally put her to sleep, I was beyond tired. I went to get my things ready to go to bed and this beauty fell out of my bag - yes, I have an awesome mom who snuck this into my bag!! I was drooling over how hot Ryan Lochte is! Best surprise ever.


  1. i love your blog! i know you are basically writing this for yourself as a journal, but i think other people would benefit from reading your entries. maybe you need to find a way to make your blog more public, unless you don't want to. i enjoy reading your messages. many times you say something nice about me and that really makes me happy, i love you and i am so blessed to have you as my daughter! love, mom

  2. What a fun post! Fun finds, and cute mom!!

  3. What a fun post! Fun finds, and cute mom!!